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One Sports Fan's Memories
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My 1st Jets Game

A Winning tradition is born...

I remember seeing two Jets games round about the same time. One that they won against Chicago Cougars 3-1 where I attended only with my Dad, and another against the Vancouver Blazers where they lost in a high scoring affair that I attended with my Dad and older Brother.

I don't remember much else about the games to be perfectly honest because hell I was just short of my 5th birthday.

Thanks to Curtis Walker's Winnipeg Jets Memorial Page I was able to find out the exact date of the games.

The first was February 24th, 1974 and the Jets beat the Chicago Cougars 3-1. A win, just as it always should be for the hometown team.


How times have changed !!

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I'm a sucker for ugly uniforms

This was the program from that night


"I had a couple of tickets for the Jets game the other night that I couldn't use. So I thought I would be a nice guy, and when I parked my car at work I left the tickets under the windshield wipers, hoping a passerby might appreciate going to the game. When I returned to my car after work much to my surprise under my windshield wipers I found my Jets tickets still there...along with 6 more."
Variation of old Winnipeg joke.