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Sep 24/04: 39 Year Old College Rookie

And who said Scott Bakula was not an inspirational actor?


Inspired by
Tim Frisby, a 39-year old walk-on receiver was granted his eligibility to play NCAA football with the South Carolina Gamecocks. So what has Frisby been doing all these years? "Pops" as he has been nicknamed by his teammates has been in the armed forces for the past 20 years, and is Ranger qualified with the 82nd Airborne. He served in Desert Storm and Kosovo. In fact the day that I type this the 82nd Airborne has began a deployment in Afghanistan.
Frisby graduated from High School from Allentown, PA back in 1983. If he had waited just two more years his oldest son could have attended College with him as a Freshman. Coach Lou Holtz was quoted on as saying "He's going to play this year because he deserves to play".
"I wish all our kids had his desire," says South Carolina receivers coach Rick Stockstill. So maybe he's more like Rudy then he is Paul Blake?

From the "plot" of 1991 film "Necessary Roughness" starring Scott Bakula (of Quantom Leap fame).
"Due to NCAA sanctions, the Texas State University Fightin' Armadillos must form a football team from their actual student body, with no scholarships to help, to play their football schedule. With fewer players than most teams, the makeshift team must overcome obstacles that the best teams in the country couldn't deal with. Using a 34 year old quarterback, a female placekicker and a gang of misfits, Ed "Straight Arrow" Genero must take his team to play the number one Texas Colts."


From Unecessary Roughness:
[as Paul, who is 34 years old, approaches]
Coach Gennero : Wally, did you hire an Assistant Coach without telling me?
Coach Rig : No, I found a Quarterback without telling you.
Coach Gennero : Well, I hope he gets younger as he gets closer.
Coach Rig : Get up Wally, people are watching. Not many... but they're watching.
Coach Gennero : If this wasn't friggin astro-turf, i'd dig a grave for myself.
Flat-top : If I wanted a big brother I wouldn't have killed mine.
Coach Rig : I don't wanna put any undue pressure on you guys, but Coach Gennero's last words were, win or I'll die.
Chuck Neiderman : I hope you stay tuned as the Texas State marching band does its salute to gun racks and open beverage containers; which is only legal in Texas.
Jarvis Edison : How many timeouts do we have left?
Paul Blake : Three.
Jarvis Edison : Can we take 'em all now?