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Jets v Rangers

I've been a fan of the New York Rangers since I was a kid, seeing the likes of Barry Beck, Ron Greschner, and Ron Duguay. So it was always a treat to see them in their rare visits to Winnipeg Arena.
Here are a couple of scans from the game program from January 15th 1982, when the Rangers came and tied the Jets 4-4. According to Curtis Walker's Jet's Memorial Page the attendence was 12,533 and the goalie of record was former Ranger Doug Soetart.
My memories from the Rangers visits include two incidents that may have been from this game or possibly a year before. Nick Fotiu on more then one occasion proved himself to be the ultimate in fan friendly visitors. A tradition back then was that most visiting teams (usually the captain) would throw the practice pucks into the audience. I never caught one but it was fun trying. Of all the guys Fotiu was the King. He would throw them all over the end, not just in one area, and would take his time doing it, playing to the crowd, and pissing off the zamboni driver. The irony of course was that the home team Jets would not do it, leaving the pucks for the groundcrew to put in a bucket and remove from the ice. Another irony of course was that it was Fotiu who was once suspended for 8 games for entering the crowd in Detroit going after a fan.
Another memory I have was sitting behind the net when Barry Beck played. He was the loudest on ice player I have ever heard. You could always hear him chirping away or barking orders. One particular time he was behind the net with the puck watching his team break-out, ready to move the puck up. One of his teamates came swooping behind the net, and I guess Beck thought he was going to pick up the puck because the surly Ranger barked "leave it the f@!$ alone rookie". Classic vintage hockey was that guy Barry Beck.

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Game program from Jan 15/82 v Rangers (Lucien Deblois)

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The Molson 3 Star standings up to that point in 81/82 season