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Jetstream featuring Willy Lindstrom


Main Story;
Willy Lindstrom surpasses Bobby Hull as the all-time leader in games played in a Winnipeg Jets uniform. That record would end up in the hands of a fellow Swede, Thomas Steen.
Also in the Jetstream issue;
All over the news was a cheapsot on Jan 10th by Jack McIlhargy ( a former Broad Street Bully) took a cheapshot at the injured jaw of Doug Smail. Barry Legge came to his resuce. Then later it was Pat Boutette doing the same thing to Smail's jaw, this time drawing the ire of Dave Babych who pummeled Boutette in his first fight in the NHL (he also only had one fight in the WHL). This game was the local broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada.

Sportswriter Reyn Davis in the Jetstream;
"Sandy Beadle is a name that could be very familiar around the arena some day...He is a 6'2" 205 pound left winger, the biggest forward the Jets have ever drafted, and he's biding his time at Northeastern University...he is said to be  (Bob) Gainey-type forward...he is a sleeper"