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One Sports Fan's Memories
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NBA Exhibition in Winnipeg

Dr. J. makes a housecall...not...

It was a simpler world back then, 1983. The 80's as we think of them full of glitz and glam and about as deep as a puddle really didn't kick into overdrive until 1984.
But even by '83 things were changing. Things like Doctors making housecalls.
I wasn't a very big Basketball fan at the age of 14 and I have no idea why my Dad got tix for me and my brother to watch the NBA Exhibition come to the Winnipeg Arena in the fall of that year. Maybe he got them from work.
Regardless, my brother and I were into all sports, and were especially jazzed to be seeing Dr. J. Next to Magic Johnson he was my favorite player. Who cares that the opponent was the lowly Denver Nuggets.
There were some amazing other players in that game. The Sixers back court was tremendous with the 1-2 punch of Maurice Cheeks & Andrew Toney. Nuggets boasted the great Alex English as well.
All that was missing was the good Doctor. An announcement was made over the PA that Julius Erving was scratched that night because his sneakers had not shown up with his luggage. Who would have thought that back in 1983 the NBA was taking its cues and booking strategies from World Championship Wrestling!
So we didn't get to see one of the 3 greatest Basketballers of that time, but it was still a very good game. It would be over 7 years later before I would see a regular season NBA game. I can't stand watching the NBA on TV, it is incredibly boring. But Live? I wouldn't hesitate to pony up the money to see the boys live. The game is amazing, the atleticism really comes through.
In the end it was the Nuggets surprising us with an impressive 127-122 victory. I don't remember if the game went into OT but based on the score that may have been the case. As you can see from my game notes the players of the game were announced as Moses Malone for PHL and Mike Evans for DNV.
The accompaning two scans on this page are from my souvenir program. 



Top song of October 1983?
Karma Chameleon - Culture Club (now that name is a misnemor if I've ever heard one).